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50s, as well. 70ish by noon with cloudy skies and a shower or two by afternoon. drive home temperature 69. >> as we kick off the new hour, i want to start by showing you an overview of the area. looks like everyone is checking out okay on the outer loop as we move it outside, we are building volume between university and georgia avenue. plus five minutes for that. we will go back to the maps and show you route 4, route 5 and crane highway. everything is all clear out this way. no incidents or accidents. back outside, 395 heading northbound. slowing down between duke over to seminary and that is growing. and also in virginia, we are tracking 495, the inner and outer loop. listens are wide open from 95 all the way up to that american legion bridge. andrea, over to you. at the top of the hour, here's a look at the stories happening today. the son of former president carter says mr. carter will be in washington today. the 85-year-old has a book
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signing scheduled. mr. carter was hospitalized in cleveland yesterday with with stomach ailments. president obama heads to richmond, virginia. it's the final stop on a four- state tour. the president is trying to energize democrats ahead of november's midterm election. overseas, disease going to be a slow go in spain today. the largest labor unions are calling for a general strike. the daily flights between dulles airport and madrid has already been cancelled. right now we are following breaking news. an apartment fire along 16th street in northwest washington. lindsey mastis live on the streets. what more can you tell us? >> eight people were transported to the hospital. five to the burn unit and one with a child. two people are in critical condition. i want to show you the scene down the street here. there are still some fire crews inside the building. it's an eight-story apartment building and they believe it started on the fifth floor.
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everyone is out of the building. firefighters say they have it under control but there are still hot spots. they believe the fire started in a common area. they had to use ladders to rescue people. >> i walked out and saw black smoke just like over, covering the ceiling and then like that black smoke like there was orange flames reflecking off of it. it was so hot one person had to jump out of a window. that's one of the people in critical condition. they don't know if that person will pull through. reporting live in northwest
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washington, lindsey mastis, 9 news now. we are hoping to learn more from police about the deadly shooting on u and 88th -- 11th street northwest. it happened during the middle of the day. police say at least two gunmen opened fire on mourners attending a funeral. they were getting in to an suv. the suv sped off and crashed two blocks later. 21-year-old jamal colts was in the vehicle. he was killed and another person was hurt. police have not yet made any arrests. at three after the hour, we have a developing story. european officials are investigating terror threats in france. one of those threats forced police to evacuate the eiffel tower on tuesday. scotland yard is calling this part of a credible threat against britten and france but no major details are being released. this is the second time the eiffel tower has been evacuated this month. arlington county is pulling out of the federal securities
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program. it requires state and local police to check finger partnerships of suspected it legal immigrants they arrest against the fbi and homeland security database. many believe it undermines policing of local law enforcement. >> really it is like safety overall. people are afraid to contact the police because they don't want to have any involvement with the police. crime rates may look like they are going down artificially but the reality could be different. >> reporter: the vote by the board of supervisors to opt out of the program is in violation of state law. news from the campaign trail in maryland today. a new poll shows governor o'malley in the lead in the gubernatorial race. the "washington post" survey of likely voters found 52% would vote for the democratic incumbent. 41 support his republican challenger former governor ehrlich. o'malley beats ehrlich by seven points in the 2006 election.
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the mother of a maryland senate candidate, who died last week, is taking over her daughter's campaign. candace henry says she will honor her daughter's legacy by picking up her green party run. she was hit by a car while riding her bike. henry faces barbara mikulski in november. we are celebrating national coffee day. 32% of americans say they need coffee to get them through the day. this morning, we are checking out the gentleman have scene at the king farm area of rockville. jessica doyle is live where the store just opened for business. good morning. >> good morning, andrea. and can i say happy national coffee day to you and everybody. i'm joined right now by leslie, martin and matt and we are doing a little trivia this morning about everybody's favorite coffee bean. i'm going to give them a little contest. we are going to start with a
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question. do you know which country coffee was invented in? we will start with matt. >> i will say ethiopia. >> i agree with matt. >> agree. >> they are cheating. we gave that answer away an hour ago. espresso versus coffee which contains the most caffeine. >> espresso. >> espresso. >> the experts say it is drip coffee ounce for ounce. the coffee guys get that one wrong. >> what color are coffee beans before they are roasted? i will start with leslie on this one. >> red. >> before roasting they are green. >> green. >> that is correct. they are green. >> you had two questions for me an and i hope i will be able to handle these. let's start with you, martin. >> how many trees does it take to grow a pound of coffee. >> i'm going to guess 50. >> one.
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>> one tree. >> that's amazing. >> yep. >> matt, you had a question. >> what's the number one source of antioxidants for americans by far. >> i know the answer to that one. i'm guessing that will be coffee. >> that's correct. very good. >> we want to tell you folks, you can get a free cup of coffee at certain myorga locations today. they happen to be the king farm location, the shady grove hospital location, tacoma and national harbor. those four locations all day today, if you come in an say i'm a wusa 9 viewer, you are going to get a free drip coffee. and with that, andrea, i will send it back to you. >> we want to remind you the locations that jessica mentioned to get a free cup of coffee, we have them on our website at it is 8 after the hour. up next a closer look at allegations of cheating at the fbi. in three minutes what the agents are accused of cheating on and the reaction from the agency. right now our daily focus
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on maryland traffic and weather. here's howard. >> we start wednesday off on a quiet note. it won't be the case throughout the day. the clouds will thicken. we are looking at a cool start. jackets or sweatshirts. 50s to low 60s out there. as we go throughout the day a chance of showers will be developing in southern maryland even by noon with temperatures near 70 in cambridge and frederick 70. mostly cloudy skies. we go through the afternoon and the chance of showers spreads up the bay. highs this the upper 60s to low 70s. a lot cooler but the heavier rain moves in tonight and get ready for megarains on thursday. angie? talking about the conditions on the roadways. a live look from sky t. in the capital beltway near georgia avenue. volume on the outer loop to the right side of the screen is starting to build around university past this point at georgia. plus five minutes already for that. moving the shot over to river road and goldsboro situation.
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a different situation. nice and light here in to the district trying to access wisconsin avenue. and maryland, 119 and muddy branch, similar conditions our here. nice and quiet and lanes are wide open. it is 6:09. hope you are off to a great wednesday. 9 news now will be right back.
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a new justice department report says more than 20 fbi agents cheated on a test about investigating domestic terrorism. that group includes soming as here in washington. gary reports the numbers could you go even higher. when fbi agents raided the home of a suspected spy in chevy chase last october, they were expected to know the rules in the agency's 2008 domestic investigations and operations guide. agents at the washington feel office are among the 22 that justice department says cheated on a test about the guide. >> it is probably more than a couple dozen. it could be hundreds. >> he runs tickle the a website that reports on federal law enforcement. >> cheat sheets were circulated around. people were given answers and coached and it turned in to a mess. >> reporter: the justice department wouldn't talk about
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the case, referring calls to the fbi, which wouldn't talk about the case, referring calls to the washington field office, which wouldn't talk about it. they sent a direct saying personnel actions have been take and nothing excuses the conduct. on the front door, the fbi seal shows the eye standing for integrity. >> it is a big embarrassment for the fbi. >> reporter: if agents cheated on the test and don't know what they are supposed to know. >> an agent might do something and violate the law and screw up a case and then let a potential terrorist go free. and that's one of the dangers there. >> reporter: one of the supervisors in washington's field office offered his resignation when the investigation began but he reports on his website tickle the the former supervisor has a new job, running the washington, d.c. police foundation. this morning here's what is
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in the news now. aig is in talks to pay back the government bailout. $132billion in tax money went to the company. the "wall street journal" reports a plan will be announced in a few days. government-funded stem cell research can go on for now. the u.s. court of appeals will allow funding for the national institute of health while the case is being appealed to a higher court. rescue efforts are underway in mexico. strong rains triggered mudslides which killed four people. the rain is from tropical storm matthew. howard bernstein is here to tell us about the rains we will be dealing with tomorrow. any result of any tropical weather out there? >> we can argue some of matthew's moisture is coming in to that. tropical depression 16 which will likely be nicole during the day today. the moisture is heading our way. we have a tropical connection and with the system passing us, coastal areas will be dealing
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with flooding. tomorrow afternoon, old town alexandria, normal spots that go when the water is high you will have some water in the streets there, as well. let's get you going this morning. the bus stop forecast, partly to mostly cloudy. and on the cool side. got areas in the low 50s to low 60s. sun is coming up at 7:02 and then today, clouds will thicken. by noon, cloudy and 70. for the drive home a couple of showers an. should be light ones, though. upper 60s to near 70. 61 degrees and partly cloudy. to be the rain will develop, steady rains will develop and heavy after midnight. east winds 10 to 15 will pick up out of the southeast tomorrow. 10 to 20. depending on the track of nicole and what is left of nicole we could have gusts of 30 close to 40 in spots. an a southeast wind. and that's where the water will be up, as well. 75 to 80 and look at the rain numbers two to four inches at least.
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right now 60 quiet degrees in annapolis. 64 cambridge and northern maryland, tappahannock and 51. cross junction 50 and fredericksburg this morning 60 degrees. 61 officially in washington. dew point 51. the humidity is 70% and the winds from the north northwest at eight miles an hour. this is what we are watching, between havana and key west. that is she center of the tropical depression and all of this moisture across south florida, they have tropical storm warnings. we will watch this system become nicole more than likely. tomorrow morning east of daytona beach by 2:00 a.m. watch how this will race northward. won't be a tropical system by then but with a track west of washington to near gettysburg anyone on the east side will see potential for severe weather and west side potential for the heavy rains. generally speaking. however, we are set up with a
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tropical system that will determine how much rain will get. it could be west or east. here you go. the rains our of the carolinas in to southern virginia. this surges norward tomorrow. it is going to be a tough rush hour on thursday morning. i said it all morning if you are telecommute tomorrow take advantage. it will be a rough day. flooding likely. get the sump pump and make sure it is plugged in and fill a tank of gas today because tomorrow you might not be able to go far. the seven-day forecast, light showers later today, 71. heavy showers and storms tomorrow. 30 to 40. friday 74 as we clear out and them week, sunny and cool and fall like. sun's high only 62. it is 6:17. angie? >> all right. i will take it away. thank you, howard. right now what we are dealing with, as you notice from our icon in the middle of the map
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there, our big tieup of the morning, take you out live and show you the conditions in northwest dc. this is 1 th street at irving street. you are looking at north of 16th from irving and this is the situation. fire crews have been out here trying to get the house fire contained. it is affecting more of our roads. 16th is closed between harvard street and park road and now mount pleasant is also closed between irving and 16th. it looks like this will be with us as the investigation continues throughout the morning rush hour. in virginia, 95 northbound, you are slow from the prince william parkway over to lorton. and keeping things running we have track tracking 66. delay is here tracking the taillights from 50 to nutley. looking at an extra five minutes in the car for these drivers and finally wrap it up with 270. hello, maryland. delay stretches from germantown road making your way to
6:18 am
montross. but no incidents along the way. andrea, other to you. -- over to you. investigators are looking for clues this morning in a fire at a faulkier county landmark. a barn, the faulkier livestock exchange caught fire. to people were inside when the blaze started. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. the "washington post" is reporting as many as 18 cattle were killed in monday night's fire. >> it is really traumatic to see something like that especially when you have animals inside of it. it is pretty hard to look at. >> reporter: about 200 cattle did get out of the barn and they are okay. the bookmobile rolls in to arlington, virginia today, but it's not quite the library on wheels you may remember. it is a digital bookmobile. instead of checking out books, you can down load them to your e-reader and you can access audio books. it will be outside of the central library on quincy street from 1:00 to 7 p.m. today. experts will be there to help
6:19 am
with your down load. over 50 communes are covered daily at next in sports, some 9th inning drama at nationals park. plus, now that mcnabb heads back to philadelphia this sunday. in three minutes, what the redskins quarterback is saying about the game.
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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machine nab will say that sunday's reunion in philly is another became and he's not out to prove anything to his former team because he's too smart to say anything else but don't believe him for one second. mcnabb may have pleasant memories of philly but man would he love to stick it to the eagles for giving up on him after 11 years of loyal
6:23 am
service. we caught up with him where he and the wives were getting ready for a showdown against the eagles wives. >> right now i have practice tomorrow and it will be a normal week of practice and we will see how the game goes leading up to it and then i will have a better answer of how the emotions will be. >> the redskins wives played a team from virginia. there's roxy, donovan's wife, nice drive and layup. and dan snyder's wife tanya has game too and there are all the proud hubbies and there's dan snyder. even's got smiles. that's a quick look at sports. i'm brett haber, have a great wednesday. the nationals play the last home game of the season tonight. last night a dramatic finish courtesy of adam dunn. >> looking for something drive here. and there it goes. high in the air.
6:24 am
see you later! game over. >> that was dunn's first walkoff home run with washington. nats top the phillies 2-1. high drive. left center field. racing back to the wall. the reds are national league central division champions. >> the walkoff home run sends the reds to the playoffs for the first time in 15 years the yankees and rays clinched the spot last night. the time is 6:24. ahead more on the breaking news on the apartment fire on 16th street northwest. also coming up, we go back to myorca coffee in rockville. jessica is there celebrating national coffee day. anything to sell brit in traffic. >> the fact there no no incidents or accidents in virginia is a good thing but we have traffic tieups to avoid
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coming up. i'm meteorologist howard bernstein. weather is quiet and cool and comfortable now but drought busting rains are heading our way. hi there. i'm ian wright
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okay fest is underway. this is what the fun looks like no munich. it is the 200th anniversary of the celebration there and it brings in a lot of money to bavaria, especially since beers go for $12 each. got to love your beer for that. howard bernstein son the weather terrace with the forecast. we won be lifting a glass of that forecast that you have for us tomorrow. >> not tomorrow. tomorrow will be problem for just about everybody with torrential flooding rains across the region. this morning it is nice out here. temperatures around 60. satellite and radar shows high clouds. but here the bark is worse than the bite. high thin ones and the moon is showing up. sunrise in a half hour. a nice glow in the sky but the rain is already to the carolinas and southern virginia and some showers will get here later this afternoon. and light showers. here's the heavy rain tonight.
6:30 am
here's one model through friday morning. notice those two bans, one 0 the west and the east. some over five inches. another model brings the heavy band to the east of washington. especially over the delmarva. some of those totals, the yellow six to seven inches. regardless a lot of rain as we head through tomorrow and tonight. upper 60s to low 70s. >> thank you, howard. we have half way through the 6:00 hour. and taking a wide view of the maps. we have a situation, a house fire. lynncy mastis on the scene and will bring us up to speed on the details in just a minute. but take you outside and show you the outer loop. we are jammed from 95 to georgia avenue. plus ten minutes in the car for these drivers. moving over to 66, slow from 234 to route 28. no surprise. that volume is definitely building between 50 and nutley. finally 395 northbound looks like you are crawling along from the beltway to seminary.
6:31 am
an extra ten minutes to make it through that and slowing down from the pentagon crossing the 14th street bridge. andrea, over to you. at 6:31, we continue to follow breaking news. an apartment fire at 3832 16th street northwest. that is in the columbia heights neighborhood. lindsey mastis live on the scene for two hours now. what more can you tell us this morning? >> the fire department was called a quarter to 4:00 and so far eight people have been transported, including five to the burn unit and one to children's hospital. two people are in critical condition and 40 people have been evaluated on the scene. firefighters tell me that everyone is out of the building. the fire is under control but there are still some hot spots inside that they are battling. they tell us that it started on the fifth floor. >> upon arrival they encounters heavy fire conditions with the occupants from the building handing out of the windows.
6:32 am
at which point they had to make numerous rescues from the interior and exterior of the building. the fire appears to maybe started in the common area which make it harder for the floors above toe vac wait this eight-story building. this. >> this is a look from sky 9. you can see the road is closed here at harvard and 16th street and it is closed down to park. the fire is under investigation. but i'm told the flames were so hot, someone was so desperate they jumped out of a window. they are in critical condition and of course the fire department does not know whether that person is going to pull through. reporting live in northwest washington, i'm lindsey mastis, 9 news now. >> thank you. former president carter is expected to keep his public schedule today. that includes a book signing here in washington at politics and process.
6:33 am
the 85-year-old democrat was taken to a hospital in cleveland yesterday. his son says he was suffering from a stomach ailment. this is video of the former president from last august. president obama reacted to the news while in mexico yesterday. >> the report we are getting right now is that he is resting comfortably. i will make a call as soon as i get on air force one to make sure he is okay. >> mr. carter was kept overnight for observation and they say he was alert an making his own medical decisions bed bugs are becoming a huge problem in our area and it can be especially tricky for apartment renters. a maryland family is fighting back against a slow to ackland lord. they lived in a housing complex and they found bed bugs and told the landlord. he promised to get rid of them but it never happened. it happened when his 3-year-old daughter was bitten by the
6:34 am
bugs. they are suing for a half million dollars. >> once they were on notice and once they knew they had an infestation they were obligated to correct it promptly. >> rebecca brown said she needed meantal health therapy because of the bugs. no response from the complex. when i comes to paychecks, washington, d.c. is number one. according to the census bureau, people living in the district have the highest median income of any major city. when it comes to ranking the state, dc is way ahead of the national average. the median salary in washington is nearly $59,000. in maryland it is just over 50,000. and just under 45,000 in virginia. nationwide, the median salary is $40,409. as we have been telling you, today is national coffee day and a lot of us need that cup of java in the morning to get moving. jessica doyle is live in rockville, maryland helping people to start their day.
6:35 am
>> good morning. i happen to be one of those people who needs a cup of coffee to get going in the morning an we have been bringing you trivia facts about our favorite bean this morning and here's another did you know. did you know how much coffee we drink in america? that's 400 million cups of coffee a day. the equivalent of 146 billion cups a year. that makes the united states the leading consumer of coffee in the world. coffee is second most traded commodity in the world. that's right behind oil. so let's say you take a decaf, you take it iced cappuccino, maybe a latte. so many ways to take coffee. matt brown is joining us right now. he's the vice president here. and we are making the perfect latte this morning. leslie is on the bar and she will start that up. what's the most essential ingredient for a good latte. >> you have to start with great, fresh coffee, and a latte is made up of two
6:36 am
components, there's the espresso and the steamed milk. right now leslie is steaming the milk and she's steaming it to the right temperature and consistency. and now she's putting in the freshly ground espresso. and she's going to combine the two. >> reporter: it's really about the proportion of milk to espresso. what is it for a latte that is so essential? >> it is about an ounce to two ounces, depending on the size of the latte of espresso and then you fill up the rest with steamed milk. >> we have been enjoying the coffee here all morning long and we want to tell folks you can get your own free cup of coffee at king farm, shady grove hospital, also national harbor and tacoma. you come and in say you are a wusa 9 viewer an all day long you will get a free cup of coffee. with that, back to you. >> all right, jessica. we have those four locations on our website at
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it's 6:37. to go along with that coffee, some brownies. we try out the pentagon's 26- page recipe. how they compare to betty crocker and what is in that epic pentagon recipe. right now it's our daily focus on virginia's weather and traffic. here's howard. >> can't wait for the brownies. weather wise a nice start, virginia. however, as we get to the afternoon things will go downhill hill and tonight in a big way. get ready. the forecast on wednesday, got partly cloudy skies out there. it is cool. jacket weather. temperatures in the low 50s in many areas. we are not going to get a lot of warmth. yesterday in the 80s but by 9:00, 64. tappahannock with a chance of light showers. lunchtime, mostly cloudy, upper 60s. 68 culpeper. fredericksburg 65, 67. and this afternoon, light showers developing, highs upper 670s to low 70s. we are live from
6:38 am
springfield. edsall and backlick road no problems to report out this way. in fact, hardly any traffic to report at this time. okay. route 7 through the tysons corner area we take you there. this is near 123. as we switch the camera shot over. we want to remind you that we still have a detour in place for those trying to access 123 to go southbound near the ramp. flying 267 from the geneway past the airport you are doing okay. approaching the tysons corner area, route 7 toward 495 things slow down a bit. it is 6:38. 9 news now will be right back. a sip of my real fruit smoothie from mccafé?
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. taking you to this top of the charts. the top song is just the way you are. like a g-6 is in sec while just a dream is in third.
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in 17 minutes, the "early show" begins on cbs. maggie rodriguez is in new york with a preview. good morning, maggie. >> good morning to you. coming up this morning, the author of a book that's just been so controversial, especially in your neck of the woods. bob woodward is here this morning he will talk about the white house debate over iraq and afghanistan which is the subject of obama's wars. ahead this morning if you have ever done it you know moving is exhausting, expensive and stressful and many say it was a scam. how to protect yourself while relocating. and parenting is not easy but our early experts are here to help. we are answering your questions this morning as we keep an eye on parenting here on the "early show." back to you in washington. last night at 11:00, we showed you this government document. it's been a hit in the blogosphere.
6:44 am
it is the pentagon's 26 page recipe for brownies specifically designed for military consumption. we put the recipe and a popular store brand to a taste test for us. >> we have the army brownies and the betty crocker version. >> reporter: this chef helps to to bake the brownies. the store bought mix was ready in minutes. >> the texture of the brownies. >> reporter: the 26-page pentagon recipe filled with regulations and specification was more challenging. >> there shall be no foreign flavor. >> reporter: the military formula had some basic ingredients like eggs and flour. plus some hard to find, imported from china. the batter was like dense
6:45 am
putter. the store brand syrupy. it was no small task to can you them to military specifications. no more than 5/8 inches high. >> there is even a weight requirement. remarkably the two brownies weighed the same. in the end, a baking victory. >> according to the specification this is a mil speck brownie. >> which would our colleagues prefer, the so-called military formula or betty crocker. >> two. >> this oning the second one you tried. >> number two. >> i can tell you already. this one. >> i'm going with this one. >> why? >> more moist. >> reporter: the vast majority of tasters preferred the eat moister betty crocker brand. >> terrible, no taste. very little taste. this one is moist. >> i lake the texture of this one. >> i think this one.
6:46 am
>> reporter: five newsroom staffers preferred the dense, less sweet brownie, including me. >> much better. >> reporter: andrea mccarren, 9 news now. >> all right. we have the brownies though table. i will tell you both of them smell good. which do you think is the pentagon 26 page recipe. >> that's obviously the pentagon. >> that's on your left. your camera right. and these are the betty crocker. so let's do a taste test. >> little nibble here. >> no lumps or bumps at the pentagon. >> not satisfying. not satisfying at all. >> i agree with you there. >> and the betty crocker you can tell much more moist. >> that was an easy test. an easy test. >> we will continue to test throughout the show. but i think we all go for the betty crocker right now. we will let our other colleagues. >> i will save this after
6:47 am
weather. >> everything tastes better with a walnut in i like the girl deli brand at costco. those are good, too. you can telecommute, i judge doing that tomorrow. maybe a day off because flooding is likely with where two to four inches of rain upwards of six in spots. critical time, after midnight. 2:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. severe weather is possible from dc east. get outside and make sure the gutters are not blocked and if you don't have a half tank of gas fill up your car. you may have a tough time moving an tomorrow and getting to the gas station and winds could gust 30 to 40. we could have some trees down because the ground will be soggy. the partly to mostly cloudy. decently clear right now. 580s and 60s. sunrise 7:02. the clouds will build today. thickening by noon.
6:48 am
cloudy and 69 for the drive home with light showers an. the heavier rains move in tonight when a flood watch goes in to affect for everybody. some of the rains could be heavy toward morning. lows in the 50s and east winds 10 to 15. southeast tomorrow 10 to 20. gusts 30 if not 40 with the storm nearby and very wet and windy. 61 right now in town. mid-60s to our south and low 550s in many areas. a chilly morning. petersburg, you see them, 48 degrees. partly cloudy, humidity 70% and winds northwest at 8. this is a tropical depression spinning not very well defined in the florida straits. the moisture moving in to florida in a big way an the tropical connection moving toward us. 2:00 a.m. on thursday look at how quickly it makes it to gettysburg in 24 hours. this will be booking. we will be on the right, stronger side. here's the moisture now and it
6:49 am
surges northward an overnight it will really build in. as we head to tomorrow morning, you can see it will be a very difficult, if not impossible rush hour for many people tomorrow. that's why i'm urging take advantage of those liberal leaves or telecommute policies if you can. 71 today. light showers this afternoon. heavy rain overnight to thursday. thunder as well. windy and 78. friday early showers and clearing, 74 and the weekend looks really nice. it will be comfortable in the 60s. i will be out at fall for fairfax with angie. >> we are working together. >> as always. >> can't shake you, howard bernstein. >> hope you are off to a great start this morning. unfortunately northwest dc we are not. we have an apartment ill fire we have been following. a big operation going on, affecting a lot of the roadways. in northwest dc right now, 16th street is closed between harvard and park treat. notice this is 1 th and irving street. looks like mount pleasant is
6:50 am
closed between irving and 16th and lamont is shut down, we're learning, between 17th and 16th. don't worry. we have all of the information posted at you can continue to check updates there throughout the morning. 395, no incidents to report. just bumper-to-bumper traffic making your way from the 14th street bridge. but before that from the beltway make your way to seminary an extra ten minutes. 66 very slow out there approaching route 28 and again from 50 to nutley. that's an extra ten as well and another extra ten for drivers traveling the outer loop from 95 to georgia. and that's getting longer. over to you. coming up on 6:51. vre vre wants to give you more elbow room on the morning commute. starting today it will send out two ten-car trains. the "washington post" reports the first train left fredericksburg about 90 minutes
6:51 am
ago. the second will leave union station this afternoon at 4:40. the experiment will see if the new vre engines can handle longer trains. 81 degrees here in northwest washington. an early morning apartment fire sends people to the hospital and causes a traffic mess in the district. an update is three minutes away. >> two days away from the game night report. campus correspondent play of the day from isaac of eleanor roosevelt in green bell. they are take on dr. wise of upper marlboro and that smith with the 55-yards. wise takes the game 22-14. nice job. high schoolers if you would like to be a campus correspondent you get a free flip cam and a chance to win a 5thousand there's scholarship. log on to dc.high school
6:52 am to apply.
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6:54 am
it's 55 this wednesday morning. here's what is in the news now. a two alarm fire sent eight to people to the hospital this morning. tire tore through an apartment building in columbia heights.
6:55 am
30 others were evacuated by emts. no arrest yet in the daytime shooting in norse. the drive-by shooting outside of a funeral led to an suv crash. a 21-year-old man and two others were hurt. and investigators in england and france say they are facing a credible terror threat. a bomb threat forced people to evacuate the eiffel tower last night. no word on who's the source of the threat. it is quiet and cool this morning. low 50s to low 60s. top off in the upper 80s to low 70s with light showers later this afternoon. i will be back and we will talk more about flooding rains for thursday and angie will have a look at the traffic when 9 news now returns.
6:56 am
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6:58 am
traffic alert. 16th is closed between harvard and park. and mown pleasant is closed irving to 16th as drews continue to fight a house fire. it will be like this throughout the rush. something new, going to the maps. 202, 50 eastbound an accident is taking away the left lane and a report of a new accident on 301 at cedarville road. a couple of things to keep an eye out for. we expect heavy rains on the and thursday. i want to share with you the rain potential. we have totals when you see yellow and oranges we are talking four and five inch totals. to the west an another one east. other models have six and seven plus on the eastern shore through friday morning starting tonight. so tomorrow morning's rush hour
6:59 am
will be a disaster. you can quote me. it's going to be a disaster. very difficult. so i have been suggesting telecommuting or taking the day off if you can. >> and if you have to travel think of that, too. >> and know that we will have you covered completely tomorrow morning. stick with us. the "early show" is next. they will have more on the terror threat in europe and bob woodward talks about his new book on the obama administration. the next news is at noon. until then get news, traffic and weather at >> pentagon recipe on the website. >> oh, yeah. let's go eat brownies. >> not good. >> we will have all the news, weather and traffic coverage tomorrow morning at 4:25 ment.

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